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Software for furniture design

At our website you can find useful software for furniture design with AutoCAD. Our programs provides simplification and acceleration of designing furniture with AutoCAD. AutoCAD gives you the most powerful 3D platform for modeling and visualizing furniture units(or interior) and for demonstrating it to your clients. And our software adapts AutoCAD for technical aspects of furniture modeling like model resizing, parts sketching, providing specifications and technical documentation, integration with different cutting programs, etc. It is no matter what kind of furniture you are designing: kitchen cupboards or wardrobes and cabinets or beds or something else - you can use these tools and combine it with AutoCAD at any stage of your designing process. There only one restriction for furniture model: all chipboard and wood parts in drawing should be solids (most of designers of furniture prefer to use just solid parts). So if program creates a part - it is solid, if program analyses parts – it expects solids. Pay attention to three basic furniture plugis for AutoCAD that placed here: Details, Auto-Furniture, Mini-Furniture.

At this drawing you can see drawing of flat parts, created by the

Details software allows lay out flat parts of your 3D furniture model on sketch and to place dimensions and notes. The program can place on sketch overall dimensions, marks of butt-ends, quantity of parts in automatically.

Auto-Furniture software is provided for work with database of parametric furniture models for AutoCAD. There are lots of models divided in categories: kitchen cupboards, drawer units, tables, cabinets etc. You can choose model, update the dimensions and then put it to AutoCAD.

Mini-Furniture software is provided for arranging a list of flat parts of designed furniture model from AutoCAD. You can select number of properties for each part (material, butt-ends, name). Number of properties program can get from predefined settings (copy from previous similar part, or use project defaults, etc.). Lots of properties can be extracted by program automatically (assign part No., length, width, thickness, layer name). Later you can perform any processing this list of parts of furniture you want!

View demo film about usage of Mini-Furniture software

Mini-Furniture supports AutoCAD (version 2000i and more). Program requires preliminary design of 3D model of furniture.

As result of program work you can get:
1.List of flat parts of designed furniture with their dimensions.
2.Drawing with arranged numbers of parts, butt-ends, and (if necessary for your manufacture) with the list of parts of designed furniture.
3.Information about the quantity of sheet materials and bands required for furniture manufacture.

At this drawing you can see drawing that was made by software for furniture design - MiniFurniture

Mini-Furniture program provides opportunity to transmit generated list of parts to furniture cutting software like Cutting 2,Cutting 3 (which are widely popular within furniture manufacturers), 2D-Place, Kuznetsov Cutting, Astra Cutting, and well known Microsoft Excel. The data from Excel can be transmitted to any cutting program. And any further data processing is possible.

See more details about Mini-Furniture software

Our software for furniture design is distributed on "try-before-buy" basis. So you can download and try demo version of our products, test it for your manufacture. Demo versions has some limitation that is not barrier for understanding software features. Demo version of the MiniFurniture program has only one limitation. It processes no more than 12 parts that designed furniture consists of.

download a demo versions of furniture design software

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This page has been translated by Google translator. If this language is native for you - please spare a few time to correct inaccuracies: Suggest better translation